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Odessa Opera House is not only the cultural center of Odessa, but also the geographic center of the city. Business, the cultural and social life of the city- everything is focused here. Just a few steps away are many sights and monuments, and then to the Opera House it adjoins the main street of the city-Deribasovskaya.
This part of town is the main tourist mecca of Odessa, and of course the hottest area for tourist accommodation. All of the most fashionable hotels are located here next to each other.
In close proximity to the Opera House is located the 4-star hotel Mozart. The building-architectural monument of the Opera House has a unified architectural ensemble. If you climb to the second floor of the hotel Mozart, from its restaurant's outdoor terrace you can see the Opera House from quite another view, as part of the architectural complex of the old center of Odessa. This is a stunner.

A few steps from the theater at the Promenade are one of the oldest hotels in the city, Londonskaya. It is the hotel chosen by movie stars and artist who would spend several days in Odessa. Here Chaliapin and Caruso lived. Stars of the Ukrainian and Russian movie, which are coming to the Odessa`s International Festival, prefer to stop here.

Going down the Potemkin stairs you go out to the sea port and its main architectural decoration of the hotel. The unique location of the hotel Odessa (located in the harbor of the port and on three sides by the sea) and the stunning views from the rooms on the black sea make this hotel one of the most popular in Odesa.

In the area near the Opera House is the most popular place among tourists, even outstripping the summer capital of Odessa`s life, Arcadia. If during a trip to Odessa, you decided to stay here, try to book a hotel or apartment in advance, at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival.