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Theatrical life of the Odessa

Theaters of Odessa's history date back to the founding of the city. The Opera and Ballet Theaters were truly the elder among many of city`s cultural institutions, but do not forget about the others.

Odessa Theater of Musical Comedy named after Vodyanoy.

The repertoire now plays almost all areas and genres of musical theater classic operetta to rock opera, numerous kinds of musicals from Broadway classics to musicals, musicals and detective-style jazz.

Odessa Russian Drama Theater named after Ivanov.

It is the oldest theater in the south of Ukraine, was built in 1874. In 2003, the theater re-opened after nearly two years of renovation and repair. Today in the Odessa Russian Theater, productions are staged by the master directors of Russian and Ukraine.

Odessa Ukrainian Musical Drama Theater

which was named after Vasyl Vasylko, operates in a historic building in Paster Street, 15. It was built in1903 and established a permanent troupe. It has realistically looking acts in the work of the theater combined with innovation to create new productions. The theater was a pioneer of new names in drama, new topics and genres. It was here where at the first time in Ukraine visitors could see plays wrote by Bertold Brecht, Alexander Pushkin, William Shakespeare, Adam Mickiewicz and other classics of the world literature.

Odessa Oblast Philharmonic

takes its place among the greatest concert organizations in Ukraine. Each year it introduces its audience with the works of world music, with bright creations of modern Ukrainian and the world music scene. Concert hall has 1000 seats and its beauty and acoustics are one of the best in Europe.

Odessa Regional Puppet Theatre

- The oldest Puppet Theatre of Ukraine was established at the Odessa Theater of Young Spectator in 1932. A lot of tours brought the collective recognition and love for young audiences. Today in the repertoire of the Odessa Regional Puppet Theater, they have dozens of productions, among which are musicals, fairy tales, and children's plays based on works.