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So, if you decide to go to the Odessa Opera House, stay for another hour and see the sights located next to it. You will not regret the time spent, you'll have a lot of impressions, the walk will not seem tedious, and it's all located a stone's throw from the Opera House.

So, start a virtual tour.
Direct streets of Odessa are lined in a huge grid. You can walk to infinity in the afternoon or evening; enjoy the beauty of the architecture of ancient houses. But if we paraphrase a famous Ukrainian proverb that all roads lead to Kiev and in Odessa we can say that all streets lead to Deribasovskaya. This main street is a block from the Opera House. To describe the Deribasovskaya in a nutshell you cannot, it must be seen. However, interesting facts and history about Deribasovskaya Street can be found in the Internet.
The area with the fountains in front of the side entrance to the opera blends in promenade, a popular place for recreation and visitors to the city of Odessa. In the shade of ancient chestnut trees you can enjoy views of the Black Sea and the famous sea port of Odessa while you leisurely stroll up the Potemkin steps, the largest staircase in Ukraine. Here, you cannot walk past the famous monument, Duke which is the symbol of Odessa, without noticing it. Turning left and walking 100m you will find yourself on Ekaterinenskaya Square, where a statue of the Empress Catherine is located, who founded the city Odessa.
This pleasant journey will take you no more than an hour, but you will see almost all the most famous sights of Odessa. Of course, the list is not limited to this, you can read about the most interesting places in the city in Odessa on-line guide, but it's always best to see it with your own eyes. The city of Odessa is of surprising beauty that can only be appreciated in person.